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Are you working on a road design tender? Are you designing a road? Are you working with road design software? We can help you reduce fuel and energy consumption!

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The earth is not flat,
so let’s save costs and CO2

Traffic accounts for more than 90% of the road’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Construction accounts for about 5% of the road’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Tiny changes in hilliness and curvature can make huge differences in energy consumption over a road’s life cycle. It’s time we shift our focus to what really matters.

Fuelsave Road design is a digital tool that helps road designers and road project managers make better decisions. Hilliness, curvature and road condition affect the energy needed for transportation.
It combines forecasts of traffic flow and vehicle electrification with a model that describes how road parameters affect energy consumption.

All of this is now available as one digital product. If you are managing a road project or road design software, get in touch to learn more about the new climate oriented and holistic road planning paradigm.


See how Fuelsave Road design combines:

  • Our unique road database and know-how after 30 years in the road data business.
  • The latest research on impacts of road geometry and road condition on energy consumption.
  • The most relevant forecasts on the rapidly evolving vehicle fleet and its new types of fuel.
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Vad är Fuelsave? What is Fuelsave?
Vad är Fuelsave?
What is Fuelsave?

Road design



Jonathan Jönsson
Officer, analytics & marketing

Christian Stjernquist
Operations director, tech & marketing