Waywize helps you to find smarter ways in a world that is not flat.

The world is not flat – and road data is not living up to its full potential. We know road data can be used to reduce costs, emissions and injuries – but only if it is presented in way that is useful and clear. Waywize digital products provide insights from road data that would otherwise be overlooked.

At Waywize we have more than 30 years’ experience gathering and working with road data such as road condition, road texture, and road geometry. Our products are built to share our knowledge so that you will not need these 30 years of experience. We want to make your route planning and road plans live up to their full potential. That is why Waywize delivers smarter ways in a world that is not flat.


If you have ever walked up a staircase, you will know that transporting yourself upwards takes more energy. However, current digital route planning and road design tools don’t account for this fact. Isn’t that crazy? We know road designers and route planners want to minimize fuel consumption and carbon footprint. But working with the right road data is really complex and require advanced algorithms, involving both road geometry and road condition. This is why we built Fuelsave.

Fuelsave Road Design is an intuitive dashboard that connects to your road design software to show how and where fuel and carbon can be reduced along the new road.

Fuelsave Route Planning is an API that integrates with your route planning and route optimization software to enable smarter route planning with regard to hills, curves and road condition.


What do cyclists, bus passengers and truck drivers all have in common? They are all subject to road generated vibrations that affect comfort and can lead to injuries like lower back pain. In traditional road maintenance planning the road is the centre of attention. We think this is ridiculous. Roads are built for humans and should be measured on how they affect people’s lives and health.

For example, did you know that lower back pain is the single most common injury in the world, affecting 10% of world population? Vibrations is Waywize’s tech-oriented initiative to make roads about people. We deliver cheap sensors and intuitive dashboards that let you see where bad roads affect people’s health and comfort.

The world is not flat – so let’s start working.


Peter Ekdahl
Founder & Director

Christian Stjernquist
Founder & Tech leader

Jonathan Jönsson
Market experimentalist

Stine Skov Madsen
Data scientist